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Translation Notes

It is my hope that Google Translation will work well for non-english and non-native english speakers. The quality of translation is extremely good compared to what I had thought possible only a few years ago. Nevertheless, there are a few problems, which may lead to ambiguity or misunderstanding.  The first obvious example is that there are no provisions for specialized use of common words, such as the names of guitar parts.

I expect that the translations of the guitar part names, important to this site, will give some strange results.  For this reason, I am providing an image of guitars, with parts labeled in English, along with a translated list of the names.  This will will show you the guitar part referenced, no matter what the translation is.  

Translations are managed entirely by Google, so it is not possible for me to make corrections except, perhaps, by changing my content.  For example, wherever I wrote "saddle" It was translated (to Spanish) as a saddle, like for a horse and rider, whereas when I wrote "bridge saddle" it was translated as a 'seat on a bridge".  (like a good place to go fishing?)  For that reason, I changed all references to "saddle" as simply "saddle".   I also had two different translations for "nut"; one was for a crunchy food with a hard shell; the other was for a piece of metal screwed onto a bolt.   At this point, there doesn't seem to be any way to define changes to Google's choices, nor to exempt words from translation.  Even as I write these things, I see unexpected things occurring.

However, when you or I hover over text, the original language (English) text will be shown, and you may choose to make suggested changes to the text for Google's future consideration as a corrected translation or an alternative translation for a word (I have not seen any alternates being suggested yet by Google).  The desired result is that translation features will gradually improve. 

Parts of the guitar Translated

Part in English Part Translated
1Headstock Headstock
2TuningKeys Tuning keys
3Neck Neck
4Nut Nut
4OfTheNut of the nut
5Fretboard Fretboard
6Fret Fret
7PositionMarkers Position Markers
8Body Body
9Soundhole Soundhole
10Bridge Bridge
11Saddle Saddle
12EndPin End Pin
12Capo Capo

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